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HL7NZ Seminar at HINZ 2017 – NZ Clinicians on FHIR

posted Aug 20, 2017, 1:10 PM by Linda McKay

This all-day event held as part of the HINZ annual conference on Tuesday 31 October in Rotorua, is aimed at people with only a minimal (or no) understanding of the new HL7® FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standard to help them understand what FHIR is, how it fits in the context of sharing health information, and what are the advantages it will bring to those in the business of delivering (and receiving) healthcare in New Zealand - and overseas! The major presenter will be HL7 New Zealand Chair Emeritus, Dr David Hay – member of the FHIR Management Group and author of the ClinFHIR tool used at Clinicians on FHIR events around the globe.


Aimed specifically at Clinicians, Healthcare Informaticians and Business Analysts -  but also useful for Implementers and Developers - it will combine presentations and practical exercises using clinFHIR to ensure that participants are empowered to engage in the projects where FHIR will be used, such as the National EHR project in New Zealand.


We'll start with an overview of the FHIR standard, describing the core Resources, how they are combined to tell a clinical story and the different ways that they can be exchanged – real-time API, Messaging or Documents. Following this will be a practical exercise where participants will use clinFHIR to model an actual clinical scenario.


Next up will be a discussion on coded information (using terminologies such as SNOMED CT®), the value and importance of doing so, and how FHIR can interact with Terminology Servers to make this complex task easier. You'll then have another exercise to 'codify' the scenario you built earlier.  After this we'll talk about Profiling - adapting FHIR to specific use cases. This is especially important for people to understand, as creating New Zealand specific Profiles is something that The Sector will increasingly be doing and we'll need to have as wide an input as possible from those who will be most affected by this - clinicians and patients. Again, this will be a combination of presentation material, discussion and practical exercises.


You are encouraged to register early (at for this important event as seating is limited - and bring your laptop!